Our laser kits will help you stripe straighter and crisper lines, quicker and easier than ever before.

We offer simple and innovative products based on simple ideas that will improve your workflow, your results, and will boost your bottom line.  Simply put.

It's a simple concept, but very effective.  Basically, one laser is aimed to indicate where the paint will hit the surface.  That alone would make striping easier and more accurate - no more guesswork about where the paint will land.


Aim a second laser about 6 to 8 inches ahead of the first laser, and use this as a visual cue to follow your chalk or string guideline, and you're ready to go!


With this method, it becomes MUCH easier to lay down stripes exactly where they should be!  You'll always know exactly where your paint is going to land, and you'll be able to stripe faster too.  Faster work and a better product will certainly impact your bottom line in a positive way!

See more about how the process works in the following video, featuring our TWIN Laser Kit.

Always knowing exactly where the paint will land.  That's the key.

We don't just develop and sell LaserPoint™ products - we USE them.  Constantly.

We believe in our products.  We wouldn't be selling them if we didn't.

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